Official Launch Week

This week, we officially launched Hearth+Mantel across various social media platforms and started directing traffic to the site.  Although a lot of work and nightly discussions had gone into getting to this point, it was nerve wracking to finally put it all out there for the world, friends and family to see.

It’s kind of an ironic challenge that is presented when you want to promote other people’s stories, brands and products, but have to do so for yourself first. The whole reason Hearth+Mantel started as a showcase platform instead of our own design and manufacturing business was to share so many great products from around the region and not put the attention on us personally.  But here we are, talking about ourselves so we can talk about others.

Once we started telling our friends and posting about our launch there was a brief moment of feeling like you were walking around not knowing your zipper was down or having something in your teeth. Maybe it was more like the feeling of heading off on vacation and wondering if you locked all the doors or turned off the stove after breakfast. It was an uneasy feeling hoping that the posts looked right, had no blatant errors, or would be of interest to anyone, but once we started getting emails and messages from friends about their excitement of the site that all went away. One of my friends college emailed me and said, “It takes courage to put yourself out there, but once you do it, its very liberating.”

Liberating was right. Now we can focus on content creating and finding the best makers in the Southeast to share with you all.  Thank you again to everyone who has been so supportive this week.

If there are any brands that you think we should feature be sure to go to our submissions page or email us at