Misc. Goods Co.

We first learned of Misc. Goods. Co. by reading about the founder’s story of when his freelance graphic design work hit a dry spell.  Having left his salary position to hang his own shingle, Tyler Deeb found himself in a situation to create without a commission, but to do so as a discipline of honing his skills for when the paying work came back.  Tyler spent that day simply designing one playing card, the Jack of Spades.  This continued day after day of no working coming in until he ended up with an entire deck of cards that he had designed.  He took that deck to Kickstarter and asked for enough money to place a minimum production order of around $6000 and ended the campaign with over $146,000 in orders!

“I had designed an entire deck of playing cards and was completely flat broke. Like totally broke.” -Tyler Deeb 


 images via @misc_goods_co

Tyler has continued his design company which now offers several decks of cards, flasks, cases, wallets, prints and more.  The new website is amazing and you should check it out.  Make sure you get all the way to the bottom!

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